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"...And that this is the entire and adequate cause of their colors is manifest, because they have no power to change or alter the colors of any sort of rays incident apart, but put on all colors indifferently with which they are enlightened.
These things being so, it can no longer be disputed whether there be colors in the dark, nor whether they be the qualities of the objects we see, no, nor perhaps whether light be a body. For since colors are the qualities of light, having its rays for their entire and immediate subject, how can we thing those rays qualities also, unless one quality may be the subject of and sustain another--which in effect is to call it substance. We should not know bodies for substances were it not for their sensible qualities, and the principal of those being now found due to something else, we have as good reason to believe that to be a substance also.
Besides, who ever thought any quality to be heterogeneous aggregate, such as light is discovered to be? But to determine more absolutely what light is, after what manner refracted, and by what modes or actions it produceth in our minds the phantasms of colors, is not so easy. And I shall not mingle conjectures with certainties."


From a Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton, Professor of the Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, Containing his New Theory about Light and Colors.

Sent by the Author to the Publisher from Cambridge February 6 1972, in order to Be Communicated to the Royal Society.


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