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Crawled out from under my rock today...

ATTENTION: Whiny warning - content may be lame to some...

With the kid gone off to mommyland, I have finally been able to go back to the college and spend a few hours in the library. The periodical section there is much better than the public library, but of course is also geared to the students. So along with the intellectual glossies, there are also a fair amount of twenty/thirtysomething rags there too.

Since I am so far behind in my reading of the 'good ones', I decided to check out the pop-culture fluff. I am truly embarrassed to be a human being.

Is this all there is for these folks, to be famous, to look like a Photochop portrait, to lie, cheat, steal, abuse and forsake their friends and acquaintences, to do things they don't have to do and then complain in public about it, to spend hours worrying about what some one dimentional character in some entertainment melodrama is, to - just - be - so - ARTIFICIAL?

Maybe if there was some sense of "yea we know this is crap but it's all we have", I'd just sit back and laugh, but I fear that these folks really think this is reality! (Uh, a "reality" TV show???)

Once, we were a "generstion lost in space"... Now they are just a generation lost. (isn't there some TV show called that? - oh the irony, oh the humanity!)


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Jul. 6th, 2009 05:28 am (UTC)
tried to start fire with a rock today...
i agree with the utmost disgust.

it really is an unescapable hell hole of insecurities and fears that drive people into swallowing down such bull shit.
television, myspace, scene kids, t-pain, fuck even livejournal!
im so deeply ashamed of my generation it makes me want to vomit.

i would love to write more about this, but i wouldn't display long details of my inner philosophies publicly.

it'd be great to talk about this with you via not publicly though sometime!
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